How do I change the No Response Handler?

The No Response Handler for a module sets the behavior of the call flow if the caller does not enter a response when requested to do so. The module will automatically be set to use the Default No Response Handler.

To edit the Default No Response Handler or to add a new custom No Response Handler:

1. Click on the Assets tab in the top left corner of the screen and select No Response Handler

2. Click on the Default No Response Handler to edit or click on Add No Response Handler to add a new custom handler.

3. Enter the message you would like the handler to read to the caller as text to speech (TTS) or upload a pre-recorded WAV file and set the action on the final attempt. You can either terminate the call by hanging up or send them to a different module in the flow e.g. a transfer module to transfer the caller to a live agent.

Note: You can set the number of retries you will permit the caller to have. See How do I control the number of retries if a caller does not provide a response?

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