How do I use the Voice API module?

You can use the API module in the Voice builder to make an API call to your service in real time.


GET: Sends values in a HTTP GET as parameters.

POST: posts json structured object to your HTTP(s) service. Expected Json response HTTP 200 with the following JSON:

  • response: string 'true | false'
  • optional key/value parameters: String values holding data to be used in your SMS response messages
  • key/values need to be set in "API Response Bindings" section of the API Module

API Module Settings:
API Endpoint

  • Endpoint URL: Your http(s) used to send data to
  • Username/Password (optional): Sets the username/password as HTTP basic authentication.

API Request Bindings

  • Binds Variables | transaction data | static values to the HTTP request.
  • Sets key/value in "parameters" section of the request detail.

API Response Bindings

  • Your key/values
  • New variables to hold response data can be set in "Assets" --> "Variables" section of the SMS canvas. (left hand side)

POST Content Overview


service type: SMS
key/value set in request Bindings of the API module

Sample Upwire to "your Service" JSON POST

    "username": "", 
    "password": "", 
    "id": "z123"
Sample Response from your service
REQUIRED: string: "true|false"
key/value set in "response" Bindings of the API module



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