The Canvas explained (SMS)

As you use Upwire to power your business messaging needs, you may hear us refer to the "Canvas". So what exactly is the Canvas, and what is its purpose?

Your Content Builder

The Canvas is Upwire's drag and drop environment. It is a visual representation of your SMS messaging content and keyword reply branching logic and contains all the modules you need to create one-way and two-way SMS flows. The Canvas can be accessed by clicking on the green SMS icon in the center of the Sandpit screen and selecting "Open Builder".

When you set up your SMS flow, you will be given the choice to upload data for an outbound flow, or select an inbound flow. 

Outbound Flows

An outbound flow is a flow that is initiated from a message sent to an end user from the Upwire platform.

Inbound Flows

An inbound flow is a flow that is initiated from an end user texting in to the Upwire platform.

Template Settings

The green module at the start of your flow contains all of the master settings for your template. You can access the settings by clicking on the cog icon to the right of the green module.

The settings menu allows you to:

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